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Unreal Engine Game Development

We focus on Unreal Engine, which allows us to develop high-quality products thanks to the best 3D technology on the market.

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Unreal Engine Game Development

We focus on Unreal Engine, which allows us to develop high-quality products thanks to the best 3D technology on the market.

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Unreal Engine Game Development

We focus on Unreal Engine, which allows us to develop high-quality products thanks to the best 3D technology on the market.

About us

Masters of Unreal Engine

Catness Games is a full-cycle game development company focused on quality, innovation, and 3D. We have been working with top brands for almost a decade to create, port, and publish the best Unreal Engine games. 


Your game on any platform

Why stick to only one platform? Port with us and we will bring your game to consoles, mobile devices or PC.


Get your game known

From social media management to mailing campaigns and other PR stuff, we can give you the impact your game deserves.


Your game from scratch

We do not only develop our own games but can turn your ideas into reality! That includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), blockchain, and even non-gaming projects. We will also bear you a paw with co-development, art or any of your needs!


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Meet the Savior, a self-proclaimed messiah who must save his worshipers from the apocalypse. It will not be easy, though. His dove-like father is raging because of his son’s crucifixion and has filled the world with deathly traps. Luckily, the Savior will receive help from a weird but hilarious cast of characters like his uncle Stan.


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Crimson Spires (Woodsy Studio) is an otome-style visual novel that combines romance and the paranormal. Something evil threatens the town of Bataille, and you will have to investigate everything. There are vampires, so be careful when exploring 3D environments and interrogating characters with detailed 2D portraits.



In Dejima’s video game, you are a rookie firefighter with a burning desire to start your career. But that is not the only thing that burns. You must use your axe and hose to put out fires, rescue civilians and stop fire monsters. Everything is boosted by a beautiful world that combines pixelated characters with 3D environments.


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Hell Pie (Sluggerfly) is a grotesque but very funny 3D platformer. Here we control Nate, the “Demon of Bad Taste”, in the most crucial mission of his hellish life. You must bake Satan’s birthday cake! In search of ingredients, Nate will jump through the most disgusting corners of the underworld.


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Today is your very first day of internship as an engineer. However, the mine you work on is about to crumble. At least you have the Scarabeus, a rolling machine that will allow you to navigate the caves and solve puzzles to set free those who are trapped in this mining hell. Can you handle the pressure?


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Chronicles of 2 Heroes (Infinity Experience) is an action platformer heavily inspired by The Messenger and the Ninja Gaiden series on the NES. This 16-bit adventure stands out for a unique mechanic: switching in real-time between the protagonists! Add an astonishing pixel art and some catchy chiptune music and you get a retro masterpiece.



Silver Chains (Cracked Heads Games) is a first-person horror game emphasizing story, puzzles, and exploration. After a car accident, you wake up in a mansion that is not as abandoned as it seems at first glance. Horrendous creatures lurk in it, constant scares and a mystery to solve.

Why Catness

Our team of programmers, artists, communicators and designers have been working with Unreal Engine since 2014. They know all about game trends and can offer tailored solutions to make your video game a success.


Nearly One Decade of Experience

Since its foundation in 2014, Catness Games has delivered high-quality games and built a versatile team capable of working efficiently with any platform.


Unreal Engine Expertise

We are strategically focused on Unreal Engine. We decided to bet on the best 3D engine on the market and not to divide our efforts on other engines.


World-Class Partners

Game developers and publishers like Thunderful or EastAsiaSoft rely on Catness to work with their top-class projects. If they trust us, you should too!


Cost savings

Forget about hiring or training employees, obtaining dev kits and other derivated costs. Work with us and save up to 30% compared to an in-house team!


We merge with your team

We will work as if we were just another member of your team. You will get fluid communication and regular reports about porting, QA, marketing, etc.


We are purrrfect!

If our meowtastic services and proven experience are not enough to convince you, there is one thing that absolutely will: we love cats!


Versatile team

Our team has a diverse roster of developers, artists and marketing experts capable of providing specialised support based on our partners’ needs.


Risk Reduction

Thanks to our efforts in prototyping and pre-production, we can determine the most productive way to tackle a project while minimizing risk.


What they say about us

Trusted by some of the main companies of the industry

Catness have been a dream to work with, going above and beyond to assure that the ports they deliver are of the highest quality. We appreciate the way in which they have gone above and beyond to meet deadlines and help us solve any issues that have arisen. They have become our go-to Unreal porting studio and we cannot possibly recommend them enough to prospective clients!

Mike Lamb
Thunderful Games

Our work with Catness for the port of Steamroll was smooth and free of hassles. They took care of everything from day one minimizing our workload and handling everything very professionally.

Jordi Rovira
Anticto Estudi Binari

Catness has been and remains an invaluable development partner, providing dependable coding solutions and console porting for a wide variety of game projects. They have consistently delivered quality results and continue to provide critical support throughout the life of each game release. We can highly recommend Catness to any publisher or developer seeking such services properly scaled to each project’s individual needs.

Joshua M. French
(Project Lead at Eastasiasoft Limited)


We at Catness Games have specialized in Unreal Engine since our first day. Although we can work with engines like Unity, we prefer to focus on what we mastered over almost a decade. Thus, we can offer the most optimal results. It is a matter of quality, transparency and honesty.

We know that the resources to develop a video game are limited and that every second is crucial. For this reason, we will try to start working on your project as soon as we agree on the deadlines and sign the contract.

Even if we guarantee the proper functioning of the game in all its versions, we do not have a specific QA team. If you think your project will require a more exhaustive QA process, we recommend you contact companies specialized in the matter. We can help you get in touch with our trusted partners, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

We know that leaks are a sensitive issue in the video game industry. A security breach can ruin an announcement or show a game too soon, sparking controversy and affecting its release. Therefore, we at Catness Games take confidentiality very seriously. Our team follow strict confidentiality clauses for every project. In addition, we organize courses on confidentiality to train and raise awareness about its importance. If you work with Catness, your game will only be known when you decide so.

Our long history of successful projects with leading companies in the sector demonstrates that you can trust us. We do frequent, exhaustive control of data redundancy, guarantee secure transmissions, carry out vulnerability tests, and monitor the equipment and resources of our workspace. We are also working hard to obtain the relevant official certifications and become an even safer company.

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