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Why stick to only one platform? Port your game with us and we will bring it to consoles, mobile devices or VR headsets. Our gained expertise after a decade working with Unreal Engine allow us to quickly develop high-quality and cost-efficient ports to any platform.


Catness Game Studios offers game porting services for projects developed with Unreal Engine. We chose to specialize on Epic Games’ engine since it has proven to be the best-suited technology for an industry heading towards 3D graphics and hyper-realism. This approach has allowed us to work with world-class developers and publishers to bring their games to every platform.

Why porting with Catness?

Cost reduction

Porting games with us will save you the costs of hiring, training, and other material-related expenses. You can count on an experienced team and a professional team leader from day one.

A decade of experience

Catness Game Studios stands out among other game porting companies as we have been working with Unreal Engine games since 2014.

Your game on any platform

More platforms mean more audience and sales. Whether you are looking to port your game to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or even VR headsets like Meta Quest, we are your option!

Full transparency

You will get regular reports and fluid communication. This includes having access to early builds to see and feel how the process is going.

Certified developers

Our versatile team has experience porting with Unreal Engine for every major platform out there. Whether you need to bring your PC game to consoles or try your luck on mobile stores, you can trust Catness as we are certified developers for PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Meta Quest, Android and iOS.

Our porting process

We analyze your game to estimate the project’s complexity, time, and cost. Then, we will create a roadmap with all the game port details.

We will integrate the project in our systems and carry out all required tasks to adapt the game components to the specifications and guidelines of the target platforms and stores.

We will reach the first milestone when the first playable version is available and functional on the target platforms.

In addition to ensuring that all features work as intended on every target platform, we perform constant testing and quality control following an agile development model. This allows us to detect and correct errors quickly.

Once we have a version without errors that meets all the technical requirements of each console and with which we are satisfied, we will proceed to deliver it to the client or the certification service for each platform.

We will monitor the evolution of the game in case the review services of each platform require any changes. We will also be ready to offer a quick response if a patch needs to be prepared for any type of bug fixes.

Let’s port!

We can bring your game to any platform

PS4 and PS5 Ports

Sony’s consoles are immensely popular among players due to their amazing exclusives and cutting-edge technology. Port your Unreal Engine game with us, and we will help you share the platform with Kratos, Aloy, and other legends!

Nintendo Switch Ports

The Nintendo Switch’s popularity is beyond description. The hybrid console has sold more than 140 million units and is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. Trust us, and your video game will be among the best Nintendo Switch ports!

Xbox Ports

Being featured in Game Pass or having xCloud compatibility would be an absolute blast, right? Xbox services are more popular than ever and can definitely help increase your game’s popularity. Port with us, and we will power your dreams!


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Hell Pie (Sluggerfly) is a grotesque but very funny 3D platformer. Here we control Nate, the “Demon of Bad Taste”, in the most crucial mission of his hellish life. You must bake Satan’s birthday cake! In search of ingredients, Nate will jump through the most disgusting corners of the underworld.



In Dejima’s video game, you are a rookie firefighter with a burning desire to start your career. But that is not the only thing that burns. You must use your axe and hose to put out fires, rescue civilians and stop fire monsters. Everything is boosted by a beautiful world that combines pixelated characters with 3D environments.



Silver Chains (Cracked Heads Games) is a first-person horror game emphasizing story, puzzles, and exploration. After a car accident, you wake up in a mansion that is not as abandoned as it seems at first glance. Horrendous creatures lurk in it, constant scares and a mystery to solve.


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Crimson Spires (Woodsy Studio) is an otome-style visual novel that combines romance and the paranormal. Something evil threatens the town of Bataille, and you will have to investigate everything. There are vampires, so be careful when exploring 3D environments and interrogating characters with detailed 2D portraits.


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The Sorrowvirus (Watchmaker) is a first-person adventure in which you must unravel the mystery of the Sorrowvirus. It is a substance capable of bringing you back to life by preventing your soul from reaching the afterlife. However, this gruesome story will teach you that immortality is the worst of fates.


Video game porting is the process of taking a project from one platform to another. Like from computers to consoles or vice versa. It is not enough to copy and paste the code or change the file extension. Porting requires carefully adapting the game to the new platform and its specifications. The result should be a port that runs as smooth or even better than the original version. We will do our best to improve performance and squeeze the possibilities of the new platform, especially if it is one of the most recent and powerful.

Porting allows you to port a game to other platforms and reach a larger audience. It is a fundamental step for any project, so it is advisable to resort to an expert team like ours. Catness Games’ services will save you all the time and money involved in hiring and training employees or purchasing development kits.

Catness Games has almost a decade of experience porting all kinds of games. From shooters to MMOs, through platforms, 2D graphic adventures, beat ’em ups and even open world games. It does not matter if you want to take your project from computers to consoles and vice versa. We will adapt to your needs as long as you use the Unreal Engine.

Catness has development kits for all major platforms, including old and new consoles. We can bring any game to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Of course, we can also port to PC, Mac and Linux. Even Android and iOS devices!

It depends (a lot) on the project. There is a massive difference between bringing a game to a single platform and preparing versions for all consoles. The scope of the project also influences. For example, porting an indie to next-gen consoles would take around two months. However, bringing a triple-A to all platforms can take more than ten months. If you need a more precise estimate, fill out our form and include as much information as possible. You can also tell us those details by sending us an email at [email protected]. As soon as we read it, we will prepare a personalized plan that includes the time and budget we need.

The porting costs vary depending on the project. First, we will offer a personalized budget and action plan that includes details such as deadlines. If we go ahead, we will divide the payments by milestones. For example, a portion can be paid when we have a playable version on PS5, another when the Nintendo Switch version is available, and another when all ports are ready to launch. You will pay for results, not for promises. However, we are very flexible with the payment methods and open to customising the deal to your specific needs. Send us an email to info@catnessgames, tell us the needs of your project, and we will soon reach an agreement.

Not at all! In fact, we usually work on ongoing projects. We understand that creativity implies that you can come up with an amazing mechanic just in the middle of the development. That is why is so important that we offer fluid communication and are keen on flexibility. You can also ask for help if you have any co-development need to finish your game!

No way! One of the hallmarks of Catness is transparency and fluidity in communications. We share versions, videos, images and reports of the porting process with the frequency that we agree with you. This way, you can check the progress and fill your social networks with photos of your game running on your favourite platform.

At Catness Games, we test all versions before launching a development, porting or publishing project. However, video games are constantly evolving. Fixing bugs or adding extra content may be required after release. Thus, all our services include post-launch support: patches, updates or DLC, etc. We put a lot of effort into each project and would never abandon it once it is for sale.

Many factors influence the agility with which a project behaves. The main ones tend to be related to shortcomings in the programming of the original game, which requires optimizations and updates before moving forward. The use of outdated plugins can also affect the porting process. Furthermore, online features require server-related tasks that prolong the porting process if you compare it with a single-player game.

Catness Games bets on Unreal Engine because we mastered it. We have been developing, porting, and publishing video games powered by Epic Games’ engine for over a decade. We know that we will help you quicker and more efficiently if your game is #MadeWithUnreal. Thus, we prefer to be honest. However, we can also work with Unity. Our team has several programmers specialized in this engine. Besides, marketing is one of the core elements of publishing, but it does not depend on any particular technology.


From Catness Games we will provide you with all the details you need about our services, projects or job offers.