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About us


Catness Games is a leading game company committed to innovation. We have been almost a decade working with well-known brands to develop, port and publish awesome Unreal Engine games.

About us

All-in-one game outsourcing

Catness’ team has mastered Unreal Engine to provide support to our partners at any stage of development. Whether they want to create a video game from scratch or port an already existing project, we have both the talent and the knowledge to deliver the best solutions.

Who we are

Catness Games is home to an accomplished group of professionals who mastered Unreal Engine after nearly a decade of experience.

We offer high-end solutions in every area of video game development. From prototyping to full-cycle game production, co-development, porting and even working with technologies like VR, AR, blockchain, and more.

As we always say: if it is Unreal, we make it real!


Since its foundation in 2014, Catness Games has delivered high-quality games for every major platform. 


We decided to bet on the best 3D technology on the market and not to divide our efforts on other engines.


Leading brands like Thunderful and EastAsiaSoft already trust Catness to handle their projects.


Our team has a diverse roster of developers, artists, designers, and communicators to help our partners.

Our team

We are a group of gaming enthusiasts who enjoys developing, porting, publishing and of course playing video games. Meet the purrrfect team!

David Rodríguez Sánchez
CEO - Co-founder
Marco Domingo Navarro
CTO - Co-founder
Salomón Gallardo Girela
Art Director
Jordi Nebot Cardà
Advisor - Co-founder
Miguel Ángel Torao Siale
Unreal Dev.
Adrià Ortiz Navarro
Unreal Dev.
Francesc Sánchez Rodrigo
Unreal Dev.
Alberto Calderón Muñoz
Unreal Dev.
Antonio Hervás Muñoz
Unreal Dev.
Sadia Honjra Machado
Artist 2D/3D
Abner López Valero
Technical Artist
Alejandro Estabén Aicart
Unreal Dev.
Sergio Ferreras Lozano
Unreal Dev.
David Delgado Lizcano
Unreal Dev.
Àlex Beltran Bellés
Unreal Dev.
Adriana Rivero Hernández
Unreal Dev.
Adrián Ferrando Mazarro
Unreal Dev.
Carlos Agudo Postigo
Unreal Dev.
Juanjo Gómez Simón
Unreal Dev.
Alejandro Garcia Lopez
Unreal Dev.
Victor Vicente Velez
Administrative Officer
Irene Lara Luengo

What they say about us

Trusted by some of the main companies of the industry

Catness have been a dream to work with, going above and beyond to assure that the ports they deliver are of the highest quality. We appreciate the way in which they have gone above and beyond to meet deadlines and help us solve any issues that have arisen. They have become our go-to Unreal porting studio and we cannot possibly recommend them enough to prospective clients!

Mike Lamb
Thunderful Games

Our work with Catness for the port of Steamroll was smooth and free of hassles. They took care of everything from day one minimizing our workload and handling everything very professionally.

Jordi Rovira
Anticto Estudi Binari

Catness has been and remains an invaluable development partner, providing dependable coding solutions and console porting for a wide variety of game projects. They have consistently delivered quality results and continue to provide critical support throughout the life of each game release. We can highly recommend Catness to any publisher or developer seeking such services properly scaled to each project’s individual needs.

Joshua M. French
(Project Lead at Eastasiasoft Limited)

Catness in the media

Orbita award winners

Catness Game Studios has been granted one of the five Órbita 2021 awards after participating in its annual acceleration program, where they were chosen among 100 startups from all over the world.


From Catness Games we will provide you with all the details you need about our services, projects or job offers.