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The Savior’s Gang


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Meet the Savior, a self-proclaimed messiah who must save his worshipers from the apocalypse. It will not be easy, though. His dove-like father is raging because of his son’s crucifixion and has filled the world with deathly traps. Luckily, the Savior will receive help from a weird but hilarious cast of characters like his uncle Stan.


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Even if the main goal of the game is to protect your worshipers from a horrible death, you will not be able to save everyone. Especially since each level adds new followers to guide among crumbling caves, sharp axes, and falling trunks, among many other traps.


During your journey, the Savior will receive plenty of messages from other characters. These conversations are hysterically funny, but can become a dangerous distraction from all the traps around you. Choosing between memes and mankind is hard.


The Savior’s Gang relies heavily on slapstick humor. Unreal Engine allowed us to create funny physics and include a wide range of deaths. There are more than 20 ways to die and characters can be dismembered, crushed, burned, drowned… You get it.


Not many games dare to talk about religious issues and even less do it with The Savior’s Gang satiric approach. In Catness Games we believe that innovation can be pursued in many different ways and stories are one of them. Take it with humor!


Values Delivered

The Savior’s Gang will provide with tons of humor and with both its story and its gameplay. We have worked hard using Unreal Engine to recreate realistic stages and effects while keeping the visual absurdity from slapstick comedy.

As it is usual on other games were you control a large group of characters, there are many things happening on screen. We have been extra careful to offer frame stability and a fluid experience in a nice-looking 3D world. 


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Trusted by some of the main companies of the industry

Catness have been a dream to work with, going above and beyond to assure that the ports they deliver are of the highest quality. We appreciate the way in which they have gone above and beyond to meet deadlines and help us solve any issues that have arisen. They have become our go-to Unreal porting studio and we cannot possibly recommend them enough to prospective clients!

Mike Lamb
Thunderful Games

Our work with Catness for the port of Steamroll was smooth and free of hassles. They took care of everything from day one minimizing our workload and handling everything very professionally.

Jordi Rovira
Anticto Estudi Binari

Catness has been and remains an invaluable development partner, providing dependable coding solutions and console porting for a wide variety of game projects. They have consistently delivered quality results and continue to provide critical support throughout the life of each game release. We can highly recommend Catness to any publisher or developer seeking such services properly scaled to each project’s individual needs.

Joshua M. French
(Project Lead at Eastasiasoft Limited)


Unreal Engine is the most powerful 3D technology on the market. No other software offers as much realism in its textures, shaders, lighting and effects. Unreal Engine is ideal for virtual reality (VR) experiences thanks to its superb graphic options. For this and many other reasons, it has become the engine used by most triple-A studios. Beyond its power, Epic Games’ technology stands out as one of the most intuitive when it comes to prototyping. All thanks to Blueprint Visual Scripting, a feature that allows programming without code. With these virtues, it is not surprising that almost 8 million developers choose Unreal Engine. As for Catness, we have been using it for nearly a decade. Thanks to that experience, every game we work with, no matter its size, will have the resources to look like a triple-A.

We at Catness Games have specialized in Unreal Engine since our first day. Although we can work with engines like Unity, we prefer to focus on what we mastered over almost a decade. Thus, we can offer the most optimal results. It is a matter of quality, transparency and honesty.

Catness Games bets on Unreal Engine because we mastered it. We have been developing, porting, and publishing video games powered by Epic Games’ engine for over a decade. We know that we will help you quicker and more efficiently if your game is #MadeWithUnreal. Thus, we prefer to be honest. However, we can also work with Unity. Our team has several programmers specialized in this engine. Besides, marketing is one of the core elements of publishing, but it does not depend on any particular technology.

The recent rise of virtual reality (VR) in the video game industry has not gone unnoticed. We acknowledge the potential of this technology. For this reason, we have already worked with it both in video games and architecture. Although we have more experience with traditional platforms, we guarantee the same efficiency with a VR project. Of course, the same can be said with augmented reality (AR)!

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