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Do you want to develop a game? Here we are. Catness Games has the experience, the team, and the technology to develop games with Unreal Engine on any platform.

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As a game development company, Catness focuses on Unreal Engine. We decided to bet on Epic Games’ engine nearly a decade ago because video game development is increasingly heading towards 3D and hyperrealism.

Why develop with Catness?

+10 years of experience

We have been working in game development with Unreal Engine since 2014. We are supported by a decade of proven experience with both our own and outsourced games.

Masters of Unreal Engine

If your project aims for hyperrealism, your best bet is Unreal Engine. Our team focuses on the superior 3D engine on the market to guarantee outstanding results.

Beyond games development

The usage of Unreal Engine goes far beyond the games industry. Our mastery of this 3D engine has allowed us to work with architecture, education and tourism projects.

Purrrfect Partners

Video game co-development means that we work as if we were in-house members of your team. We communicate with you fluently and send you reports frequently.

Desarrolladores certificados

Nuestro equipo tiene experiencia con cualquier plataforma. Si quieres ver tu juego en PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox o Nintendo Switch, puedes confiar en Catness Games como desarrolladores certificados.

This is how we develop your game

We analyze your project and create a custom proposal including all the costs, deadlines and stages of games development.

We integrate the project into our system and prepare its adaptation to each platform.


We created a first playable version so you can see the results on all platforms.

We do quality control and testing to detect and correct errors quickly before release. Your project will always be as polished as possible.

Once we have a version without errors and adapted to each console, we will proceed to send it to you. We will also make sure you get certified for publishing on every platform.

We will follow the evolution of your game closely. In case you need any kind of patch, we will commit to keeping the game updated and without bugs.

The keys to development

More reasons to work with Catness

Your project on all platforms

The more platforms, the more visibility. We make sure that the Unreal Engine games we develop reach computers and consoles to maximize sales and audience.

Co-development is winning

Forget hiring and training new employees or getting dev kits and learning how to use them. Our games development service will save you time, effort and money.

Art, marketing

Are you looking for more specific services? Do not hesitate to contact us. Development with Unreal Engine is not only about programming but also about areas like art or marketing.


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Up to 10 players can fight in this multiplayer hero shooter with futuristic aesthetics and fast-paced combat. Prepare yourself to survive in the Hexadiums, hexagon-shaped stages divided into six zones, each with its own gravity and platforms to provide a frenetic experience.


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Meet the Savior, a self-proclaimed messiah who must save his worshipers from the apocalypse. It will not be easy, though. His dove-like father is raging because of his son’s crucifixion and has filled the world with deathly traps. Luckily, the Savior will receive help from a weird but hilarious cast of characters like his uncle Stan.


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Inspired by Taito’s Ice Cold Beer, Super Korotama is a reinvention of this classic from 1983. The main goal is to put the ball in the correct hole using a rising bar. Brimmed with both arcade nostalgia and merciless obstacles, you will need all your accuracy, reflexes and patience to overcome its challenges.


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One Last Breath (Moonatic Studios) takes us to a dying world. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, the Earth is sick and mankind is the disease. Our only hope is Gaia, an enigmatic being born from mother nature’s very last breath. Her powers are the key to overcoming puzzles, surviving dangerous creatures and restoring life on Earth.


Catness Games has an extensive background in developing with Unreal Engine. Video games, of course, but also in sectors such as architecture (ArchViz), the virtual economy, education and tourism. Outsourcing the development of your video game means incorporating all the experience and talent of our team into your project. Thus, you can focus on the most demanding creative and management tasks, leaving the technical processes in the best paws. You will save time, money and energy.

Co-development is the process that takes place when two or more teams combine efforts to create a project. It usually includes production, porting, level design or post-launch support. Nowadays, video games demand so much time and money that cooperation is essential. Not all studios can afford the latest development kits or hire experienced professionals. Asking for help is as common as it is wise.

Co-development takes advantage of others’ talent and resources. Neither your location nor the size of your project will be a limit anymore. On the one hand, large companies benefit from co-development because it allows them to scale their projects and work more efficiently. On the other hand, indie studios with a great idea but without enough resources to make it a reality will be glad to have a bigger technical and human team. Co-development is advantageous for everyone!

We at Catness Games have been developing, porting, and publishing video games made with the Unreal Engine for almost a decade. However, we have also worked on projects from other sectors. We have experience in visual architecture (ArchViz), tourism, education, virtual economy, etc. Also, we used the latest technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), blockchain or Custom APIs.

Do you have an idea that you want to materialize using Unreal Engine? Just send us an email ts to [email protected] with all the details. We are always open to new experiences. Including non-video games projects! If it is Unreal, we make it real.

We at Catness Games have specialized in Unreal Engine since our first day. Although we can work with engines like Unity, we prefer to focus on what we mastered over almost a decade. Thus, we can offer the most optimal results. It is a matter of quality, transparency and honesty.

Catness Games bets on Unreal Engine because we mastered it. We have been developing, porting, and publishing video games powered by Epic Games’ engine for over a decade. We know that we will help you quicker and more efficiently if your game is #MadeWithUnreal. Thus, we prefer to be honest. However, we can also work with Unity. Our team has several programmers specialized in this engine. Besides, marketing is one of the core elements of publishing, but it does not depend on any particular technology.

We are excited about the arrival of new gaming platforms like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Even so, before facing a project for these services, we must study it carefully. We will only work with alternative platforms if we can offer the same level of quality that we guarantee on every other hardware. That is, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS.

Catness has no translation staff, but we have worked with several localization companies for our games. In addition, we maintain an excellent relationship with publishers from different markets. Thus, we can provide you with trustworthy contacts.

At Catness Games, we test all versions before launching a development, porting or publishing project. However, video games are constantly evolving. Fixing bugs or adding extra content may be required after release. Thus, all our services include post-launch support: patches, updates or DLC, etc. We put a lot of effort into each project and would never abandon it once it is for sale.

Even if we guarantee the proper functioning of the game in all its versions, we do not have a specific QA team. If you think your project will require a more exhaustive QA process, we recommend you contact companies specialized in the matter. We can help you get in touch with our trusted partners, so you do not have to worry about a thing.


From Catness Games we will provide you with all the details you need about our services, projects or job offers.