There was a time when you had to go to the arcade to play. Only there you could enjoy such iconic video games as Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong. But that was a long, long time ago.

Today, users play their favourite titles on any platform. The differences between computers, consoles, tablets and mobiles are getting smaller. Besides, they all offer great gaming experiences. Now, choosing where and how to play is no longer a matter of hardware but comfort.

Of the 3 billion -yes, with a “b”- players in the world, the vast majority (2.8 billion) use their mobile to play. Another significant percentage (1.4 billion) opts for computer games, and 871 million people prefer to play on console. These figures show several things. The first is that it is usual to have several devices to play on. The second is that all devices have a huge potential audience. At last but not the least, it makes less sense to limit yourself to launching video games on a single platform. That is where video game porting comes in.

por qué es importante portear

What is video game porting?

Porting consists of taking a video game from one platform to another. From PC to console and vice versa, from console to mobile and vice versa… The possibilities are endless. Thanks to this process, you can enjoy the same game on any device with the consequent impact on popularity and sales. But those aren’t the only reasons to port your game.

Below we explain the main advantages of bringing your project to other platforms.

Why should you port your video game?

More audience, more sales

The more platforms, the more public. The more audience, the more income. Bringing your video game to new devices represents an excellent opportunity. You will increase the popularity of your game, diversify sales channels and make more profit if you are not limited to PC. Your title may sell well on Steam, but are you going to ignore the nearly 100 million Nintendo Switch users?

We live in the best possible moment to bring your title to consoles. The new generation is here and both PS5 and Xbox Series have started strongly. Sony’s console has sold more than 20 million units since its launch (November 2020). Regarding the Xbox Series, it has sold almost 14 million, more than any of its predecessors in the same period. Players have received the next-gen enthusiastically, so your game can benefit from porting to these consoles.

Power to the player

Playing on a single device is outdated. There is no pocket without a smartphone, a desk without a computer, or a television that is not accompanied by a console. The industry is more flexible than ever, and porting allows your game to be too.

If your video game is available on various platforms, it is the player who decides where and how to enjoy it. The easier you make that choice with ports across all platforms, the better.

por qué es importante portear

Find the best platform for your project

Maybe you have created a puzzle title that is perfect for short bursts. It works well on PC and you’re happy with the sales on Steam, but you know it would fit just as well or better on mobile, tablet and Nintendo Switch. Maybe you are in a completely different scenario. Imagine that you have developed an action-packed adventure with cutting-edge graphics for PS5 and Xbox Series, but it will only reach its true potential with a PC version.

Companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Rockstar are increasingly releasing video games on both consoles and PC. Titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Red Dead Redemption 2 take enormous advantage of the performance that PC gaming promises to become even better games.

Each platform has its virtues and porting allows you to make the most of them. Whether from computers to consoles or vice versa, we can help you find the perfect home for your work.

por qué es importante portear


There is something special about sharing a console with your childhood heroes. Seeing your game next to those of Mario, Link, Kratos, Crash Bandicoot or the Master Chief is indescribable. Thanks to porting, that dream is closer to being fulfilled. In addition, linking your brand to others such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft represents a huge leap in terms of prestige, popularity and potential audience.

por qué es importante portear


All video games can benefit from being on more than one platform. More popularity, new sales channels or finding hardware that suits your work are some of the reasons why it is worth investing in porting.

However, this process can be complicated. A port requires rewriting the original game code for conversion to the desired platform. Each one has unique characteristics and not all studios have the financial, human and time resources to master them. For this reason, it is best to outsource the process and rely on a team specialized in Unreal Engine game porting such as Catness Games.

After nearly 10 years of experience, Catness guarantees all the advantages of outsourcing development. You will save costs by not having to hire specialized employees, train the ones you already have or obtain development kits. You will also save time as we dedicate ourselves entirely to porting your game and keeping you informed. By focusing on a single engine (Unreal Engine), Catness ensures a faster, more efficient and cheaper process than any other company that works with several graphics engines.

If your game is made with Unreal Engine and you want to see it on any platform, the choice is obvious. Choose Catness!